Church on the Move

Virtually everyone in Plains, Montana — population 1,000 — knows Jim K. Sinclair, senior pastor of Church on the Move. In fact, 260 residents consider the Assemblies of God congregation their church home.

Yet the Sunday morning service actually is only a sliver of what constitutes ministry at Church on the Move. Locals who aren’t regular attendees recognize the church’s reputation for meeting needs.

Plains is located amid the majestic forests and snow-capped mountains of northwest Montana. Sinclair and his wife of 43 years, Reneé, assumed the pastorate two decades ago, when the church had only 17 attendees. At the time, Sinclair made three times as much money cutting timber for a living. He’s eschewed multiple opportunities to move elsewhere to make more as a pastor.

“I’m pretty happy right here,” says Sinclair, 61. “The driving force of ministry makes it easy to stay. Jesus said the poor will always be with you, and if you really want to serve, you can’t find a better place.”

UPDATE: Since the original publishing date of this story, Jim Sinclair has passed away.